Thursday, May 20, 2010

Being that June is wedding month i think i will write for the brides to be.

Increasingly in the media I am seeing articles on how brides an DIY there wedding flowers.

Being a floral designer for over 30 years and a coordinator /event planer this makes me scratch my head.

The news reporters and TV shows jump on this with out doing any type of research.

The bride ofcource has no time to DIY anything but her aunt and cousins may offer to do this.

There is so much wrong with this the hair stands up on the back of my neck.

As a professional designer I have saved cakes that were delivered and left out to early.

I have made sure that the correct name cards were placed  on the correct table # and so on.

This will not give the bride ease of mind for a smooth event.

Ware are the flowers going to be kept does the Aunt / cousin / friend have the necessary skill to treat them before arranging them so they will not wilt in the middle of taking that one of a kind not to be duplicated and forever cherished Wedding picture.

A florist will have access to all kinds of rare flowers and out-of-season flowers if you are looking for something very specific or unique.

Even if she works for 24 hours straight,Aunt / cousin / friend will not be able to create the large number of bouquets, arrangements, corsages, pew decorations and centerpieces.

there is no end to the down side of this.
More to follow.


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